Bali Prefab specializes in custom high quality prefab wooden buildings and gazebos. Our skilled craftsman use a combination of machine tools and hand made techniques to produce precision luxury buildings and outdoor structures.




Clifford and Marina M

When we handed over the plans to you we had a little idea what our house was going to be like but now that we are living it, the reality is quite something else. It is better than we could have possibly imagined. It is practical, spacious, it has charm, and everyone says the wood gives it real character, we just love it. The kitchen you made fits perfectly and my wife keeps telling me how functional it is, makes cooking a real pleasure. I am so glad that I asked you about it, and I am so glad that you decided to branch off into kitchens and bathrooms too, it just made everything so much more easier especially for us here in Tahiti. It is true we paid a little more tax but it was well worth it. What was good as well was the fact that the house was livable straight away we did not have to wait for the kitchen, wardrobes or the bathroom cabinets to be made elsewhere, everything arrived together, absolutely genius. Much love and greetings to you all.

Claude C.

Agent, Canada
Best Quality and Services There are many factories of gazebo and wood houses in Bali and as an agent for clients from all over the world, I have used many of them. Bali Prefab offers the best quality and service of all them. It is also an added bonus to have an in house architect create and oversee the job. I feel in good hands with Bali Prefab and continue to entrust them with my clients projects.

Guido and Vincent

Balebengong, Netherland
Everything Fitted Perfect We really want to thank you for doing such a great job! Everything fitted perfect, I mean every detail was magnificent. Our customers was very pleased!

Nick W. & Christine M

Regards from the Stars Thanx for great professional service!

William C

Prefab House, Tahiti
Professionally Managed I bought a prefab house in other company before, i got with cheap price, but when it was arrived in my place, many items were damage (bended, twisted, cracked) and looks not well finished. When my builder build it, they found many difficulties because the codification was not right, the quality of the wood was poor, etc. Last time when i was travelled to Bali, i found Bali Prefab office. I saw their factory and the quality of their finished product,�I was amazed. I order one prefab house and several gazebos from Bali Prefab, when it was arrived in our place, everything was perfect and professionally managed. My builder has no difficulties at all, the quality of the woods, joinery and finishing was perfect. Surely I will recommend Bali Prefab if you are looking for a professional prefab wooden house manufacturer from Bali. We got what we paid right?